Batch Picture Protector - a Steadfast Software to Add Watermark to Your Photos

Many web surfers do not really care about copyrights and ownership of certain items. Just because it's the web, they take it to mean that anything they can find in it can be dragged and drop to their own computers for their own personal use. There are many ways that you can protect your files online. When it comes to images, the best method to hedge what's yours would be watermarking. There is no better way to learn how to add watermarks to photos than with an easy-to-use turnkey software, just like Batch Picture Protector.

Batch Picture Protector

Est un outil puissant, simple et convivial de tatouage numérique par lots.

What is Batch Picture Protector?

Well, what is watermarking anyway? On a traditional note, watermarks varied depending on the thickness or density of papers, which can be seen only under specific light conditions. Digital watermarking, however, is what Batch Picture Protector by SoftOrbits is all about. It is a software devised to digitally watermark photos with logos or texts as a way of providing copyrights to the owner. Simply put, to add watermark with this software makes an excellent means to secure your photos from anyone who seeks to use them without acquiring your permission.

Batch Picture Protector-A Steadfast Software to Add Watermark to Your Photos software screenshot

Who Does the Software Work Best For?

The truth of the matter is that Batch Picture Protector can be useful to anyone. Whether you're an artist, a web designer, a banner creator or anyone who creates different sorts of photographic artwork, the software should be of veritable aid to you. Perhaps posting your items on online galleries won't have to keep you antsy anymore with the protective functionality of this brilliant watermarking contrivance.

What's in Store for You with Batch Picture Protector?

As a software to add watermark to every photo you have, this software from SoftOrbits excels with its key features such as the following:

- an interface made with absolute user-friendliness
- transparent and fully modifiable watermarks
- auto-positioning of watermarks
- compatibility to any image format
- an unique, recursive process in watermarking photos and so much more.

In conclusion, with all the details we have set out, Batch Picture Protector is a steadfast, and strongly reliable watermarking software. Its effectiveness is made evident by its cutting edge features, way beyond reproach.

Batch Picture Protector

Est un outil puissant, simple et convivial de tatouage numérique par lots.