How to add watermark to picture using Batch Picture Protector

The beautiful photographs you post online can be misused by people if they haven't been watermarked. When you add watermarks to pictures you ensure protection of the copyright to your name or company logo. Batch Picture Protector is a powerful software that lets you add a watermark to a picture or multiple pictures all at once. It saves you a lot of time and effort since you can watermark over a hundred photos with just one click.

Batch Picture Protector

Est un outil puissant, simple et convivial de tatouage numérique par lots.

The following steps will show you how to add watermark to picture using the Batch Picture Protector


1. Launch the installed Batch Picture Protector add go to add file(s). The wizard that appears will allow you to locate where the picture is in your drive. If you want to water mark a single picture you can choose the picture itself otherwise for multiple pictures, either select them all or import the whole folder. Click open to continue.

2. Your image(s) will load in the preview. Since you are running the program for the first time, you will need to create a new water mark. You can either place a logo watermark (selecting the logo from your drive) or select the text watermark option on the screen where another wizard will load.

3. This is the text editor. Here you can choose the font you wish to have, type in the watermark text, choose the position you want to place the text, determine the angle of the text, set colors (background and text) as well as the opacity for both background and text. There is a preview window that lets you see the changes you are making. Once you are done, click OK to continue.

4. Once your watermark is set, you can save it for the future then select batch mode if you want to apply for multiple pictures. The batch mode will watermark all the selected photographs within moments.

It is that easy to watermark you pictures and ensure you have full rights for them.

Batch Picture Protector

Est un outil puissant, simple et convivial de tatouage numérique par lots.