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Removing watermark from video can seem like a shady idea at first. The whole purpose of creating a watermark is preventing the image from being stolen and claimed as someone else’s. Of course it’s not great if you want to steal somebody’s art but this isn’t the only way you may want to remove a watermark. Imagine you have found one of the pictures you’d like to use but it contains your own watermark and the picture is quite old so you don’t have the non-watermarked copy on hand. This can certainly happen and that’s when you’d need something to get the watermark off. Or, you can have the watermark on one of your videos as well that you’d like to use somewhere else without watermarks, for example, make a video clip as a gift for your relatives or friends. This qualifies for the same process of deleting watermarks and it’s perfectly normal, the watermark can be your own just as well. - SoftOrbits
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