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Are you intending to protect image copyright? It is widely acknowledged that there are those unscrupulous persons that take your work and use it as their own. They use it for advertisements or competitions. With the internet coverage, anyone can do this anytime and anywhere. So how do you protect your images? Watermarking is the answer. It deters your work from being passed off as another's. When used together imaging editing software, you can add and make your own watermark logo, URL and even copyright for an image.

Batch Picture Protector

Est un outil puissant, simple et convivial de tatouage numérique par lots.

Are you a designer, banner maker, or an artist? Are you involved in publishing images on the internet? Watermarking software protects image copyright. Safeguard your artwork and images by adding watermarks to them. In order to achieve this professionally, use the right watermarking software. The query hence raised is how to make watermarks.

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The Batch Picture Protector

This watermarking software enables you attain your goal of fast image protection by adding these crucial watermarks to your photos. It has numerous features to ensure you have your desired result precisely as you want it.


The watermarks placed by this software are permanent and irremovable. One's work and digital photos are thus safe from unauthorized use. It contains a watermark file manager that handles watermarks for your variant purposes. And it is simple and user-friendly and ensures you don't struggle on how to make watermarks.

Fully Equipping You

The watermarks are transparent and their graphics and text are fully customizable to suit your need. Moreover, the transparency is adjustable to enable you decide on how you desire it. The software has a wide array of features inclusive of automatic positioning of the watermarks and it works with all the major formats of images. The watermark text is inclusive of the much sought after macros enabling one set features such as names, dates, times and many more.

Over that, it supports command line interface and is compliant with Windows 7 / Vista whilst its versatility allows the loading and saving of several watermarks.
Obtain this software and safeguard your work, for it is your right.

Batch Picture Protector

Est un outil puissant, simple et convivial de tatouage numérique par lots.